History of SR Longhorns

My wife and I purchased our ranch in 1995, the existing house had burned down, and everything else was very much in need of TLC, it took us a bit to get the place cleaned up and going again. We managed to get all the leaks fixed in the irrigation system and was able to start raising some hay and selling it. After doing that for several years, it was sort of an accident as to how we got our start raising Longhorns. I was working as a lineman for the local power company and it was the time of year where we did the annual meter reading and line patrol. I had pulled into a residence and there was a lady that was feeding her animals, she saw me and stated that she had way too many animals to feed and wondered if I would be interested in a donkey, I said no, but asked what else she had and she said that she had two bred longhorn cows that she might be interested in selling for $450, I told her I would take them, so that is how we got our start raising Longhorns. A friend of ours raised Angus, and for several years he would let me use one of his bulls when he was finished with them towards the end of the summer, we went along that way for several years and one day we saw an ad for a Longhorn Sale near Yamhill, Oregon and decided to attend. Well here we are sitting at the sale and the cows seemed to be selling at a very reasonable price, so I mentioned to my wife that I wished that I had brought the trailer and the lady in front of us overheard an stated, don’t you worry about that, we can find a ride home for anything you may want to purchase, so we bought one and Durrell Farnsworth hauled it home for us on his way back to Utah, super guy, and I am glad I have one of his cows in my herd.

Since that time we have gone to the sale every year, which is now Fey Longhorns Ranch Sale, and continue to make strides to improve genetics in our small herd of cows, and truly enjoy all the friends that we have made along this journey, looking forward to making many more!!

We are members of the TLBAA, NWLA, & ITLPA, and enjoy going to some of the Longhorn shows that are in our area. In just the last two years our Grandson, Braeden has joined the TLBT and has been to several shows. I think it is a great organization for the youth, and he really enjoys going to the shows with us.

Thanks again for visiting our site,
Mark & Renee Scott, and Grandson Braeden

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